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Seniors: Take a moment to think about how much your life will change after your senior year—you really have no idea! You’ll probably be leaving home, starting college, growing up, and getting a job before you know it. You and your friends will also change a lot over the next few years…and you won’t have as much time for the sports, extra-curriculars, and hobbies you have loved so much. You’ll look back on your high school years and reminisce about the “golden days”. Your creative portrait experience can capture what makes you who you are during this “calm before the storm”—and (speaking from experience) you will definitely want to have the luxury of remembering your senior year through high-quality portraiture that pays it forward.

Parents: This is one of the most valuable times in your relationship with your child, and you probably haven’t realized how much your life will change either! Your son or daughter will graduate soon and most likely go to college. They’ll be moving out, and once they do—like it or not—you’ll have very little control over where they go from there. You can prepare mentally, but it hasn’t emotionally hit you how much your life will change—just like theirs.

You envision an ideal world where they’ll graduate and move within a hop, skip, or jump from your home…but the odds are they’ll find a job or marry someone and that will take them halfway across the country. Your baby—who has been in your daily life for 18 years, who you’ve helped from diapers to break-ups, who you’ve watched perform on a stage or field, who’s always been there to bring you joy—won’t come back home. Read more about about the meaning senior portraits have to one parent here.

Our Senior Portrait Experience has been designed specifically…
…for seniors: To capture your unique style and personality during this lifetime milestone. This unique and exclusive experience captures the beautiful moments at the end of this chapter of a your life story, which is a special time that can never be replaced or replicated.
…and for parents: To cherish your child’s precious memory and final fleeting moments as a part of your everyday life. You can relive happy times and remember your child long after they have left home with our exceptional heirloom portrait products.

We call it an experience because it is so much more than a portrait session. It is a fun and creative activity, a unique parent-child bonding experience, and an unforgettable family memory—and that’s just what you will remember from the session itself. We collaborate with you to create your perfect senior portraits from the moment you first call us to the day you receive your unique senior portrait products. And it’s all included…it’s the Senior Portrait Experience by Knoxville Portraits—the best senior portrait experience that pays it forward!

Knoxville Portraits has the best photographer I’ve ever worked with.
Ashley Korte, model
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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